Dollar 1Home Equity:

What if what you thought to be true about your mortgage turned out not to be true, when would you want to know? Fact: The Equity in your home 1) has a 0% rate of return, 2) has no liquidity, 3) lacks control, 4) is subject to market volatility, and 5) has potential tax consequences. We show our clients how they can “pay off” their mortgage in approximately half the time (if not sooner) in an unconventional yet conservative way. This is accomplished without any additional monthly payments, refinancing or change in lifestyle and mortgage term. Clients can now keep their home as long as they want and never have to worry about a foreclosure or a short sale.  If they want to sell their home, they can do so if they want to – NOT because they have to! In addition, their equity now has a rate of return and is liquid, controlled, and NOT subject to market volatility or taxes. It ends up as a win win position for the client!


Dollar 2Retirement Planning:

We believe the main keys to creating a great retirement are tax deferred growth, a savings rate greater than the inflation rate and tax free income at retirement. We want to do everything possible to make your money work harder for you than you working harder for money. When the income from your savings is greater than your expenses, the potential to retire is there. In order to achieve this goal, you must do two things: 1) start saving as soon as possible, and, 2) make the miracle of compounding go to work for you. Keeping your funds in a safe place (where you are guaranteed not to lose money because of market volatility), achieving compounded growth that is tax deferred and accessing it tax free at retirement are the tenants of our Retirement Planning.


Dollar 1Qualified Plans:

Having equity in a Qualified Plan such as a 401k or an IRA is a much better place than to have it in a Bank CD or a Savings Account. Money that is Pre-Taxed and grows Tax Deferred will usually outperform funds that are Post-Tax and Taxed as earned. However, Third Party Administrator (TPA) fees and market volatility (losses) can restrict the performance of these accounts. Added to that, Qualified Plans Rules and Regulations can increase taxation and limit flexibility of the use of these funds. We show clients where they can put their money to escape market volatility and excessive fees, greatly reduce the amount of tax burden on their funds and give them flexibility, use and control of their money. This provides greater confidence and peace of mind when choosing where to put your hard earned money.


Dollar 2Social Security:

After paying into the system for a number of years, many working Americans look forward to receiving the rewards of Social  Security. With a little planning, you can get the maximum amount of Benefits by knowing some of the basic rules of the system. In addition, knowing what types of income will cause certain amounts of your Social Security to be taxed can help minimize the amount of taxation. If this is known in advance, funds can be placed in instruments that ultimately will greatly reduce Benefits taxation.


Dollar 1Money Employment:

Is your money working as hard as it can for you? We believe expenses are Wealth Transfers. Whatever money is spent today is no longer available to work for you tomorrow. Reducing your expenses and putting those savings to work (without disrupting or reducing your lifestyle) will make retirement become more of a probability than a possibility. Money in a CD or savings account is “costing” you because it is not “working” for you. Moving this money to a place where it is as safe (if not safer) as with a Bank but earning a greater rate of return with greatly reduced tax consequences (“working” harder) will ultimately produce a larger sum of money. Finding money and employing it so that you can accumulate wealth sooner is what we are all about.


Dollar 2Asset Protection:

Losing ones assets will greatly impact the quality of life for you and your loved ones. There are a number of events than cause you to lose some of if not all of the assets you have accumulated. To name a few: Death, Long Term Illness, No Estate Planning, Job Loss, Taxes, etc. We work with reputable, experienced companies and products in order to help protect your assets from being depleted unnecessarily. Creating a Trust will not stop the unforeseen from happening, but it can protect you from losing your assets. A company that we currently work with is Easy Legal Planning. If you would like more information on Trusts and Asset Protection, please click on the following link: